Left to Right

Randy Goodwin, Aaron Jones, John Bates, John Seed, Jason Ross

Left to Right

Aaron Jones, Jason Ross, John Seed, Joe Koontz, Pat Falkenstein

Back Row Left to Right

Robert Bugh, Eric Barnett

Front Row Left to Right

Jacob Reinbrecht, Tyler DeTalente, Eli Anthis

Left to Right

Nick Brown, Josh Goodwin, John Bates, Derek DeTalente

Front Row Left to Right

Randy Goodwin, Brenda Vincent, Jason Ross, Joe Koontz, Robert Bugh, Jacob Reinbrecht, Steve Dippel, Josh Goodwin, Tyler DeTalente

Back Row Left to Right

Seth Carnes, Aaron Jones, John Seed, Derek DeTalente, John Bates, Pat Falkenstein, Eric Barnett, Nick Brown, Eli Anthis

John Bates (Business Manager)

Randy Goodwin (Business Agent)

Matt Falkenstein


Seth Carnes ( Assistant Business Agent)

Jason Ross

Vice President

Brenda Vincent

Recording Secretary

Steve Dippel

Door Guard

Back Row (L to R): John Seed, Warren Hibdon

Front Row (L to R): Aaron Jones, Dave Blankenship, Jason Ross

Back Row (L to R): Josh Goodwin, Malik Teeters

Front Row (L to R): Pat Falkenstein, Eli Anthis

Not Pictured: Derek DeTalente

Back Row: Joe Koontz

Front Row (L to R): Zach Mayhall, John Bates

Not Pictured: Seth Carnes

Back Row (L to R): Randy Goodwin, Greg Bitter

Front Row (L to R): John Seed, John Bates, Matt Falkenstein

John Seed


Judith Louthan


Kathy Wilson


Jason Blondin

Training Director

Jason Ross

Assistant Training Director

Caitlin Haskins

Office Manager

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