Union meetings are held the first Wednesday of each month in Evansville at 6:30 P.M. Central Time.

Union dues are monies deducted to pay for the business of the local, such as training, office salaries and supplies, maintenance, etc. All money is approved and voted on by you the member.

Yes. Once you become a member you are considered to be a brother or sister and share in the camaraderie of the union.

You have the same right to vote as all other members under the UA Constitution.

Yes! Training to enhance your skills and assist you in obtaining better work opportunities is available through the UA Local 136 Training Centers.

The money allotted for training is determined during contract negotiations between the union and the contractors. In some cases, you may have to buy workbooks and/or put up an attendance requirement.

Yes! UA Local 136 members are required to take an annual 10-panel drug screen and random tests throughout the year. If you test positive for a drug screen you will have the opportunity to seek assistance if you wish. The union will help you get this assistance.

Members must attend a ten (10) hour OSHA course and get an ARSC certification. There are also additional classes that you may take to improve on the safety of you and your workers. The (10) ten-hour program and the ARSC certification give you the basics and helps to ensure your safety.

Yes. As a courtesy you should ask the contractor you are working for and give them enough time to hire someone to temporarily replace you while on vacation.

You will receive the same insurance that everyone else has in the union. This is paid through the collective bargaining process and is an employer contribution.

You will be eligible for the same pension benefits as all other members. Most have a five (5) year vesting period and have retirement eligibility that range from 55 to 62 years of age. If you have worked in the trade before you may be eligible for additional vesting credits. When you are considering retirement please speak to the benefits person at your home local.

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